We find the security gaps befor they do

AsanWare brings confidentiality, integrity and availability to your organization information and systems. We protect your valuable information against Malware infections, Phishing attacks, Application Attacks etc.

Information Security Policy

Information security policy is a set of guidelines from a company to ensure that all technology users within the domain of the company or its systems adhere to laws and regulations related to the protection of the details saved electronically at any point in the network or within the company’s boundary. Every company needs to secure its information and also management how it should be allocated both within and without the business limitations. This may mean that details may have to be secured, approved through a third celebration or company and may have limitations placed on its distribution with referrals to a category program set out in the details protection plan.

A web site security policy would normally include:

  • Data Classification Scheme
  • Security Rating Scheme
  • Constraints On Data Based On The Schemes
  • Authentication Requirements
  • Authorization Requirements
  • Encryption Requirements
  • System Architecture
  • Security Testing Scheme
  • Logging Requirements
  • Relevant Regulatory And Legal Requirements

Use our professionals to help create an extensive set of published information security policy and information online comfort guidelines that deal with the particular specifications of your business. By using our major collection of pre-written guidelines and job explanations, our professionals can get results more successfully and successfully pass the benefits on to you.

Penetration testing is also known as Pentest, is a strike on a pc with the objective of finding protection weak points, possibly accessing it, its performance and information. Pentest will recommend if a programis susceptible to strike, if the protection were adequate and which protection (if any) was beaten in the transmission test. The process includes determining the focus on techniques and the objective, then examining the details available and challenge available means to obtain the objective. A Pentest focus on may be a white box (where all qualifications and program details is provided) or dark box (where only primary or no details is offered except the company name). Pentest will recommend if a program is susceptible to strike, if the protection were adequate and which protection (if any) were beaten in the transmission test. Asanware provides extensive Pentest services and IT protection tests. Our world-class protection technological innovation team provides expert assistance to help you protect your critical facilities and infrastructures, solidify web programs, protect private and confidential data, and improve protection attention throughout your organization.

Security Audit and Assessment

Security Audit and Assessment is a guide or systematic considerable technical assessment of a program, system or application. Manual tests consist of meeting with staff, performing protection weaknesses scans, reviewing program and accessibility controls, and analyzing physical accessibility. Automated tests consist of program generated review reports or using software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a program. Systems can consist of PCs, servers, mainframes, network routers, and switches. The Asanware package of protection solutions advances constantly to reflect new online risks and new frontiers in online criminal activity. Our Security Audit services are designed to provide workable information to take your protection position to higher adulthood. Our audit services utilize global best methods and protection requirements to measure the current state. This is followed by personalized suggestions for temporary and long lasting improvements.

Risk management

Risk management is the ongoing process to identification, evaluation, and prioritization and cures reduction exposures and observes risk control and money to minimize the negative effects of loss. Risks can come from doubt in marketplaces, threats from venture problems (at any stage in design, development, manufacturing, or sustainment life-cycles), lawful obligations, credit risk, injuries, natural causes and mishaps as well as purposeful attack from an attacker, or events of unclear or unforeseen root-cause. Accept, Avoid, Reduce and Transfer these are the main key points that we are implementing in our service.

There are many reasons for handling risk. Here are some:

  • Helps You to Save Resources: Individuals, Income, Property, Resources and Time.
  • Protects Public Image.
  • Protects People from Harm.
  • Prevents/Reduces Legal Liability.
  • Protects the Environment.